Which One is The Most Affordable Option, Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns?

Generally, two standard options are available for those who want to hide a wide range of dental damages like dental chips, cracks, discoloration, etc. Dental veneers and crowns are the most highly-requested options that can potentially cover these issues and make your face more beautiful than it used to be. As a professional dentist applying dental veneers near Vaughan explains, this cosmetic dental treatment is a perfect choice for those who want to treat some dental defects such as crooked, misaligned, and discolored teeth at the same time. Most people wonder which item can properly meet their dental needs, so this essay provides beneficial information to help you understand all the pros and cons of these two methods and make the best decision. Here’s a look at what you need to know before making up your mind.

Essential Points about Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a perfect solution for those who hide their smile because of their fractured and stained teeth. Generally, several materials are used to create dental veneers for valued patients, such as porcelain and composite resin. If you prefer eliminating all your dental irregularities, the porcelain type can be the better choice. However, you should pay a bit more to restore your dental imperfections with porcelain dental veneers; the pleasing results that will last for more than 20 years are the golden factor that makes this type a worthy investment. Whenever you have decided to get porcelain dental veneers, your highly-skilled dentists will use sturdy materials to create your costume-made veneers that are exactly similar to your natural teeth in shape, size and color.

Which One is The Most Affordable Option, Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns?

In most cases, your professional dentists will recommend placing dental veneers over several front teeth to achieve more desirable results; however, you can use it only for damaged teeth. Generally, two dental visits are an appropriate time for dental veneer installation. During the first session, your mouth impression will be taken and sent to the dental lab to create your dental veneers and also some parts of your teeth’s enamels will be removed as preparation for installing dental veneers. It should be noted for those concerned about removing their teeth’s enamels that thanks to technological advances, the modern types of veneers require minor enamel removal or will never need it. Unlike dental crowns that can cover the whole parts of your damaged teeth, dental veneers only sit over the outer surface of your teeth. As a result, they will create more natural-looking results.

Important Points about Dental Crowns

This popular option of cosmetic dental treatments is highly recommended for those whose teeth are severely damaged but who are not willing to get their teeth’s enamels ground down for dental veneers’ installation. Your professional dentists know how to cover your dental damages with a dental crown to create a natural smile for valued patients. Besides, this restorative method can be used to increase the strength of your permanent teeth that become weak over time. Several materials can be used to create dental crowns, such as stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, etc. If you are looking for the most affordable type of crown, the composite resin is the best decision you can make. Still, you should keep in mind the durability of this type is less than all other types.