What Type Of Treatment Is Fractional CO2 Laser?

With little discomfort and downtime, the Fractional CO2 Laser is a laser procedure that is helpful in reducing acne scars. It can promote collagen formation for skin renewal, minimising the visibility of big pores and fine wrinkles and enhancing the general appearance and texture of the skin.

Since it has FDA approval, it is risk-free and without any potential for consequences. In Singapore, fractional CO2 laser therapy is also frequently used to treat acne scars. The CO2 laser is one of the most often used lasers in the field of dermatology. Lasers used in photosurgery have wavelengths that vary depending on their intended usage. Water is an excellent absorber of CO2 laser energy, which has a wavelength in the mid-infrared range of 10,600 nm. Water is an excellent absorber of CO2 laser energy, which has a wavelength in the mid-infrared range of 10,600 nm. The CO2 laser is perfect for precise, safe ablation with good hemostasis since skin has a very high water content. The CO2 laser has been shown to be successful in the field of aesthetic dermatology for the repair of acne scars as well as for photorejuvenation in addition to its efficacy in ablating benign elevated lesions. The fractional CO2 laser has provided a bridge between the frank full ablative indications and the nonablative skin rejuvenation systems of the 2000s in the rejuvenation of photoaged skin on and off the face.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Working Of Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment:

In order to create countless small thermal injury zones, fractional CO2 lasers emit tens of thousands of tiny microthermal zones at their target locations. These zones penetrate deep skin layers. Your body’s natural healing process is triggered by the minute  zones, which also encourage the synthesis of new collagen and skin cell renewal. To revitalise aged skin, fractional CO2 laser therapy focuses on sunken scars and ageing collagen. Fractional CO2 Laser treatment produces results with fewer downtime and side effects than conventional ablative lasers.

  • Effective Acne Scar Removal
  • Encourage New Collagen Growth
  • Reduce Enlarged Pores & Fine Lines
  • Smoother & Brighter Looking
  • Skin Improvement in Overall Skin Texture

To lessen any discomfort, numbing cream will be administered to the face before to the procedure for up to 30 minutes. The laser operation will last for 10 to 15 minutes with minimal downtime and discomfort; you might experience prickling during the procedure.