What Is Vitamin C Singapore Know Here

vitamin c singapore is a water-soluble vitamin found in Citrus and other fruits and vegetables also this is sold as a dietary supplement. It is essential to supplement used to repair tissue. Vitamin C is an essential requirement in the body as can be told in simple language.

vitamin c singapore

Advantages of Vitamin C

The vital characteristics of Vitamin C in the body are below.

  1. It reduces the chances of the body having a chronic disease. As the intake of Vitamin C makes the body’s blood antioxidant levels increase up to 30 per cent so bodies natural defences also increase to fight inflammation.
  2. It also helps to manage high blood pressure.
  3. It may lower the risk of heart disease. Study shows the intake of This vitamin causes fewer heart-related problems.
  4. The blood uric acid levels are reduced and kept in check with the help is Vitamin C so it can prevent gout attacks.
  5. The body’s iron is also kept in check and maintained by this vitamin.

           Immunity is boosted. So the immune system can fight any disease and keeps you strong.

  1. Study shows that if you regularly take food having vitamin C like some vegetables then your memory power stays intact and good even if you age much older. So that you don’t have dementia and you can think well even if your age and even act normal at old age.

Vitamin C supplements in Singapore

So the supplements of Vitamin C Singapore as of 2022 are below.

  • oxbow natural science Vitamin C supplement.-S$16
  • Airborne 1000mg of Vitamin C chewable tablets-S$27
  • Emergen-C Vitamin C gummies-S$24
  • Swisse Men’s Vitamins-S$39
  • Nature’s way kids Vitamin C-S$16


Vitamins are important to use for the body every vitamin has its characteristics any deficiency your body has then the vitamin deficiency you have has an impact on your body. As our elders say eating green vegetables is great and old and also good advice to anyone children, young, old alike. There are common misconceptions that Vitamin C prevents the common cold it doesn’t. Some say also it reduces cancer risk but this has not yet been proven in any study. It is also said it protects against eye disease however these never treat nor cause harm to the eyes anyways. Some have also suggested that Vitamin C causes to reduce any toxication but it is still disputed.