Right Materials For Custom Insoles Singapore To Choose From

Having to get insoles is one difficult task. Most of them are getting it because they see everyone around them using it. custom insoles singapore is not for everyone. It is only for specific people with a specific condition in their feet. this is called flat foot, where the underfoot does not have a proper arch.

This arch can be formed by keeping insoles in your shoes or socks. These insoles are neither too soft, nor too hard and apply pressure to the right areas of the feet to develop the arch. But what are they made of?

Foam And Memory Foam Soles

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Foam is the most common insole material. This is because they are shock-absorbing and can withstand great pressure underfoot. Another reason why it is a common material is that they are rigid and dependable as well. because of their right level of rigidity, they apply the right pressure as well as hard enough to support the insoles.

Memory foam soles are the ones that are made to perfectly fit your feet. they are made exclusively for your feet alone, and the arch is also made according to the level of arch you have. That is why they have a great amount of demand since it is tailored to each one’s taste and requirement.

Leather Insoles

Leather insoles are also sorted out in the market nowadays. they are especially used to fitting in with leather office shoes as everyone wants to be fashionable, even if they have something to cure. Though leather is known to be hard, the ones for insoles are also soft up to the required extent.

The ones made out of cowhide are tough and provide good arch support. This is why it is growing in the market, whereas foam soles retain their place as the most popular for now. let’s see if the business busy world allows leather soles to overtake foam soles.

Air-Cushioned Insoles

Air-cushioned insoles are most common among females. Especially the middle-aged woman who prefer to wear heels, or are forced into heels for a long time. the air-cushion insoles will provide maximum comfort as well as cushioning to ensure that the feet don’t get too uncomfortable in heels.

One of the most common problems while wearing uncomfortable heels is having a numb ball foot. with these air cushions, the numbness will not be there as your feet will remain on the comfortable cushion of insoles. It will have strong arch support to work on its purpose as well.