Some pointers before your mammogram session

A mammogram is an examination of your breasts to find out any abnormalities that could be the cause of cancer. It is very important in the early detection of cancer. The following gives you information on what you should do before your mammogram.

Types of mammography:

  • Screening mammography: This is done in women who have no symptoms or abnormalities. It is done just to scan for any changes so that anything that may be a concern, can be detected earlier.
  • Diagnostic mammography: This is used to investigate any changes in your breast’s size or shape or any lump formation. If the screening mammography reveals any findings to be investigated further then diagnostic mammography is taken. This helps in ascertaining the treatment mechanism.

How should you prepare before mammography?

  • You should choose a certified mammogram screening center in Denville. A certified facility means it has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to carry out mammography. It is very important to choose such a center because only then your results will be reliable. You cannot approach a center with faulty equipment. If you do this your results would be wrong too, and in case you are given treatment based on it, it could be dangerous.
  • If you have already taken a mammogram you should bring those images to the center. This will help the radiologist compare the previous images with the present ones. If you are visiting the same center they may have your mammogram records stored. But before visiting them you should enquire about this so that any unnecessary trouble is avoided.
  • Make sure you schedule your test when your breasts are tender. The week after your periods is when your breasts are likely to be tender. Your gynecologist will help you know the correct time to visit. Try not to miss this time as it is most likely to produce a correct diagnosis. Fix your appointment with the center once you get the information from your doctor.
  • You should avoid using perfumes and deos before your mammogram. This is because the lotions, creams, perfumes may contain metallic parts that may interfere in clinical judgment. You don’t want treatment based on a wrong diagnosis, do you?
  • Mammograms can be a little painful. If you think you may feel uncomfortable, you should speak to your doctor to know if you can take otc pain killers before the session.