Health issues caused by emf

Even though the growth of technology can favor the mankind to a greater extent, it also has more hazards than they sound to be. The most unfortunate thing is many people are not aware of that they are getting affected because of certain technological growth. The EMF can be considered as the best example for it. Even though emf tends to play a major role in the modern lifestyle, they are supposed to cause various hazards to human, birds and even to other creatures in this eco system. Some of the most harmful health hazards of emf are revealed in this article.

Sleeping disorders

This is one of the most common health issues caused because of emf. In many cases, it is also proven that the people who are highly exposed to emf had experienced sleeping disturbances to a greater extent. In extreme cases, insomnia is also pointed out. Even though the sleeping disorders sound to be simple, they are capable of paying way for various mental health problems. This is the reason why sleeping disorders are considered to be one of the most harmful effects of emf.


Even though it is not completely proven, the WHO has stated that there is a strong link between emf and cancer. This is the reason why WHO have suggested the mobile phone users to reduce its usage to a greater extent. The prolonged exposure to cell phone means the higher influence of emf. The WHO has also stated that in future this will be the reason for cancer in many cases. Especially the adults who are highly using their mobile phones will suffer from the problems like leukemia that is nothing but the cancer in blood cells.

Lack of concentration

In real time, many people would have experienced in this problem without knowing the exact reason behind it. Using emf to a greater extent will cause change in memory and in many cases people may also lose their concentration. This kind of problem will be a great risk for the adults who are studying. They may have various problems in learning their lessons or focusing on their studies.

Loss of appetite

Obviously this is also one of the most common wifi negative effects. One of the best example which we can visualize in our day to day life is the people who are using their mobile phones will never bother about their food and they will also skip meals more often. This is because they will not feel hungry and in many cases they may fail to realize it.

Apart from these, high exposure to emf is also capable of causing several other health risks like irritation, stress, anxiety and several other issues.