Everything and anything you need to know about purchasing EPO online

-Things to consider before going online purchasing EPO and its various uses

One of the major things to consider before making the online purchases from Pharmaceutical websites is that the need for EPO after consulting a verified doctor and have him prescribe the dosage. Also the varying price ranges of EPO are usually from 180$ to 300$ with various brand names of the original EPO with various variants like EPO THETA, beta , alpha is available to buy EPO online. The dangers of EPO include the body to become dependent and when taken during childhood can result in stunted growth of the adrenals glands of  kidneys. Moreover the average production of erythropoietin being is only 10 mg and the toxicity levels are seen if when administered as and when and like. The persons undergoing the treatment follow a schedule of administration being 1 to 3 times a week into the vein. The very complications include heart attack, thromboembolisms ,aneurysms and hemoglobin levels going below 11 gm/dl with chronic usage.

More about the EPO administration

  • However the precautions to be followed while making the administrations include having a sterile needle and syringe at all times and going for regular blood check up and checking for any abnormalities. The half life in children can last for 6 hours and should be considered for chronic effects of the drug. However the drug is very beneficial for people suffering from various blood related conditions and erythrocyte malfunctions. Also it has been made very clear by many sports organizations as well as Olympics that the use of EPO is considered doping and strictly prohibited. The filtration of urine for fibrin and fibrinogens can give away about the drug administration. Moreover it has been kept away for most therapeutic usages and is used in hospitals for bed ridden patients. The recombinant technology introduced to multiply the number of erythrocytes also helps in gaining the desired performance rates. Not only this for people suffering from chronic anemia can be injected with these to know the reason for the anemic states.
  • Few of are blessed with good health from our childhood , but few of us have some or the other deficiencies and to overcome these the respective drugs are used. Buying has made it all the more easier, but the safety is to be kept in mind.