Tips for Maintaining Your Plastic Surgery Results

Plastic surgery or chirurige esthetique is a time and money commitment – so you want to make sure your efforts are paying off. Plastic surgery procedures enjoy high patient satisfaction levels. For many years after treatment, most patients are satisfied with their outcomes. However, it is essential to note that the results need maintenance to keep in place and that nothing can completely reverse the effects of aging, lifestyle patterns, and genetics.

Follow the tips to maintain the plastic surgery outcomes:

  1. Regular Exercise

Plastic surgeries will change the curves, give a more natural and proportionate look. While the results can seem beautiful, the look that you now see will last only if you remain healthy. For example,- liposuction surgery will completely rid your fat cells. Still, if you gain weight, the residual fat cells will grow in other areas. You also need a check. Your weight should remain stable.

Tip: Well, the recovery of the chirurige esthetique may be a challenge for active patients because the recovery time required would damper your routine exercise. Don’t get depressed and realize that it’s not uncommon during your rehabilitation to gain a little weight during the recovery period.

  1. Follow Recommended Ointments

 The right treatment improves in scarring right after the surgery. And, over time, the results look as good or as best as ever. Next, it is essential to observe any guidelines on post-surgical activities; the regulations help avoid pressures on scars, making them wider or more noticeable. Second, ensure that your sun incisions are secure. The area should be clean and use your doctor recommended topical scar care creams and ointments.

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Tip: Consult the surgeon for aftercare. There are numerous herbal scar cleaning products available in the market and can also cause wound repair issues. These claims are baseless, reducing your time, cash, and possible damage with just what the plastic surgeon recommends.

  1. Healthy habits inside & out

The habits that you put in and out affect your surgery and also cause your overall health. For example, most plastic surgeons approved by the Board allow patients to leave cigarettes for at least a few weeks before and after surgery. Nicotine dramatically affects the body’s ability to heal, leading to longer healing time and potential complications, which can lead to discomfort, blood, and more noticeable scarring. Excessive consumption of alcohol is yet another fit; when it comes to smoking, there are also health risks of overdoing it.

Tip: Be clear about your lifestyle habits with your surgeon. Let him know whether you smoke, drink yourself, use drugs, or even supplements or vitamins internally or externally. The doctor will recommend the measures you need to plan for the procedure and how to avoid the best outcome.

That’s it!!