Is wisdom tooth extraction a dental emergency?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molar teeth and grow in adolescence and youth, between 17 and 25 years of age. Because of the jaw condition, the wisdom teeth are not always exactly behind the second molar. They do not have enough space, so they become crooked or deviate from the gum tissue or compress other teeth. Based on the research done by an Elmwood Park Dental emergency dentist, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary when there is no enough space for the tooth eruption and this dental emergency can cause permanent problems.

Five Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are many reasons for extracting wisdom teeth. Here are five reasons.

– Gum infection and inflammation

Due to the low space and pressure, wisdom teeth often lead to gingivitis, which can cause gum pain, diseases, and health problems. Recent studies show that when inflammation begins, it is very difficult to reduce and spreads easily to other areas. Besides, when a tooth is under pressure, the gap between the tooth and the gums creates an environment for bacteria to grow, greatly increasing the risk of tooth infection.

– Crooked and misalignment of adjacent teeth

When wisdom teeth emerge, they cause crooked teeth. These teeth have very little space, so the neighboring teeth are often compressed and eventually deformed. It does not matter if your beautiful smile is the result of orthodontics (dental brackets) or genetics, because wisdom teeth can easily destroy that beautiful smile and ruin the work that has been done on your teeth over the years.

– Damage to nearby teeth

When space is tight, wisdom teeth put a lot of pressure on the surrounding teeth. These teeth lead to cavities and wear and tear, and as a result, damage to the adjacent second molar teeth.

– Cyst or tumor

Compressed wisdom teeth can lead to small tumors or cysts in the jawbone that causes pain in the jaw joints, so you should refer to the emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

– Hard cleaning

Even if you do not have any pain or signs of problems with your wisdom teeth, your teeth’ health is still at risk. The access space to these teeth is very small, and the possibility of flossing and brushing for these teeth is minimized, which makes the wisdom teeth a great place to collect food particles and bacteria.

The Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If your wisdom tooth is growing crooked or under pressure, the emergency dentist will remove the wisdom tooth to protect the gums, the rest of your teeth, and your teeth’ order. Wisdom teeth can also, in some cases, lead to tooth abscess, tooth decay, infections, and gingivitis. As your teeth grow, your dentist will schedule an x-ray to keep you up to date.

Pulling wisdom teeth before any problems or symptoms can save time and money by preventing emergency dental problems. If you try to stop brushing your teeth after weeks and months of careful monitoring of your teeth, all of those efforts will be in vain. In addition, it is much easier to extract wisdom teeth that are just budding than when all the teeth have fully grown.