Vision Correction using Laser Surgery in Hong Kong

With the advancement of the technologies, even a high threat disease can also be cured these days. The machines in the hospitals are well-equipped and advanced to cure various types of disease. Eye correction or the correction of myopic eyes in which the lens moves above or below from the retina can also be cured these days. Previously also eye correction was possible, but it required lots and lots of effort from the opticians and it was only technique which was used previously that is laser technology.

Today also laser technology is used widely to correct the position of the lens of the eyes on the retina. But today’s laser technique is much advanced than the previous ones and there are several other techniques also involved in eye correction using laser surgery.

Types of Vision Correction 

There are several types of vision correction techniques which are described below.


SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is a technique to correct the myopic and astigmatism eye problems using laser system, which bought a big change in the field of vision correction science.

Advantages of SMILE 

The biggest advantage of SMILE is that it is a single step eye surgery technique. Along with this there are several other advantages which are pointed out below.

  • Compared to excimer laser, femtosecond laser used in the surgery is 1000 faster than excimer laser
  • Eye trauma is reduced
  • Causes less damage to cornea
  • No burning smell during the process of surgery
  • Approximate success rate
  • Minimizes damage to corneal nerves

SMILE eye surgery technique is one of the newest laser surgery technique with the three main process which includes laser cutting directly the middle part of cornea, sets the lens using 2-4mm small incision, removes the cornea which is being cut.

Laser Surgery in Hong Kong


LASIK is one of the most commonly used laser surgery technique for correction of myopic or astigmatism eyes. In this technique, the cornea is reshaped in its curvature to correct the refraction of light passing through the lens of the eyes.

Advantages of LASIK surgery 

  • It is quick, convenient, and just takes few seconds to put the lens at proper place
  • Uses most advanced technology of 7D
  • Help in correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and reduces the use of glasses
  • The best thing about LASIK is it is Painless

It is carried out in three steps, as opening corneal flap, cut the adjusting with the laser, covering back the corneal flap.

With the above two types of surgeries there are surgeries like ICL or Implantable Contact Lens in which the doctor first plants a lens in the patient’s eyes and then cut it into precision of about 3mm. Other with this, there is also a Presbyopia correction of eyes.

Since, Hong Kong is the major place where you can get laser surgery of eyes done correctly, laser eye surgery Hong Kong can be one of the best place to get your eye surgery done.