3 Things That Set Apart Doctors with Military Experience

Doctors with military experience are privy to the military experience. Be it physical or mental health, the experience of a veteran physician cannot be paralleled.

The military experience shapes the veteran physician’s practice as a health care professional in ways that set their services apart from other doctors and health care providers. Working with soldiers who may suffer from various physical and mental illnesses during and after their service gives veteran doctors an edge over their civilian counterparts.

1.     Meticulous With History Documentation

With discipline training, a military doctor is going to be the best at strategy when it comes to their patients. Physical symptoms aren’t the only tell-tale signs of an illness.

Their way of taking patient history and making a diagnosis allows them to chart out great treatment plans for their patients. With an eye for detail, a veteran physician won’t hesitate to ask questions that can help them gather critical information about their patient’s condition – and to doctors, every little detail matters when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

2.     Aware of Challenges Patients May Face Beyond Their Symptoms

The military experience is not a rosy one. Veterans who have served or are currently serving go through various ordeals, which can help them understand symptoms of various injuries & ailments through mere observation of their peers.

A veteran physician knows that there’s a back story to everything. By treating a patient holistically, they consider the emotional, mental and life quality aspect in making their diagnosis. For example, a patient’s depression may be interfering with their physical health; a veteran doctor will be able to discern this much quicker than a civilian doctor.

3.     Field Experience

The field experience of military doctors makes them experts when it comes to orthopedics (bones and muscles), wound and injury, mental health (mood disorders, traumas) and even general medicine.

Soldiers and doctors are deployed to various regions all over the world and may suffer from ill health due to lack of nutrients, viruses and even fractures while performing their duty. A veteran physician has seen innumerable patients with these complaints, and with limited resources, they chart out the best treatments.

Soldiers go through anxiety, stress and various other physical ailments on the field, and military doctors know just how to treat these with minimal resources, which makes their experience and expertise invaluable to the medical community.

Visiting a Veteran Physician

A veteran physician has experience working with soldiers long term. This means they know how the course of an illness pans out and how it must be best treated.

Local hospitals and veteran clinics hire military doctors for their extensive knowledge of the medical world and their experience they have gained on the field. Next time you’d like to visit a doctor, choose a veteran physician for a great medical/health experience.