What Can Low Melatonin Level Do To The Human Body?

We all know that a proper sleep at night is essential for all body functions to work perfectly. When you fail to have a good sleep for a day, you feel lethargic, tired, lose your concentration. Your metabolism is also affected and if you continue to have improper sleep at night for multiple days, several serious consequences can occur. The hormone Melatonin is directly responsible for inducing sleep at night. It is, therefore, one of the most important hormones even though it does not get mentioned that often. The deficiency of Melatonin level in the human body can be of serious consequences. You can take Melatonina supplement to get the production of the hormone to the normal level.

Low Melatonin Level Consequences –

The direct effect of low Melatonin level in the human body is lack of sleep. People suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia must have Melatonin deficiency. They can opt for various foods that have certain amino acids with which Melatonin is made up of. But it might not work for many. That is why a dietary supplement is a must have for them. Apart from the sleeping disorder, low Melatonin level can lead to various other issues.


Metabolism – A good sleep is necessary for a good metabolism. A good metabolism is important for the normal functioning of the organs and body as a whole. Due to bad metabolism rate for having low Melatonin production, you start to gain weight rapidly as the ability to burn the calories decreases significantly. This can be cured by having a dietary supplement called Melatonina which is very popular in the European countries including Brazil.

Cancer – Due to lack of good metabolism, the chances of cancer increases in multiple folds. It has also been found that people who work at night and deprive themselves of a good night sleep, there are liable to having cancer in future. When you work at night and there are lights around, the production of Melatonin decreases and naturally, sleep goes away and free radicals in the blood increase leading to tumors and cancers in various regions.

Miscellaneous – Low Melatonin level increases the risk of stroke especially those who have issues with cardiovascular diseases. It has also been found that the sexual drive suffers a lot due to Melatonin deficiency and its prolonged state can make a person temporarily impotent. For women, the risk of developing breast cancer can reach the highest level due to its deficiency.