Top 5 Simple and Mindfulness Exercises for Adults, teen, and Children.

Today in the fast and furious lifestyle almost everyone feels the stress whether it is because of the work, family or friends. People of all ages feel it and suffer it. At the initial stages, it is not harmful but once it gets increased results in the Anxiety and Depression.  To keep yourself away from all these diseases. Mindfulness activities are very much important that can be practiced by anyone. According to the studies, Mindfulness exercises increase the well being of the person, reduce the reactivity and improve the overall behavior of any person. These mindfulness exercises have helped the students and the small children also leading them in the ability to pay the attention during studies and reduce the stress levels and helps in bringing the better grades in the academics.  So here are the mindfulness exercises for adults, teens, and children that will help them a lot in removing the stress.

Body Scan Practice

This exercise is basically for anxiety as nowadays anxiety is noticed in most of the people including the students. To cure Anxiety Body Scans is the great mindfulness practice. So basically a body scan is the moving slowly through the body and is about searching what is present in each place we start from the head and go to the feet. Whenever a person feels the anxiety should sit lonely and should start practicing Body Scan it will help removing Anxiety.

Mindful Jenga

Well mostly all of us is very much familiar with Jenga a game of large tower of blocks that we have to remove it one by one. Well, mindful Jenga is a modified version of Jenga. All you have to do is to write questions on the each of the block and every time you pull the block out you have to answer the question written on it. This game will increase the excitement level and will decrease the stress.

 simple and Mindfulness exercise for Adults, Teens, and children.


This exercise is for the children but can be performed by people of any of the age groups. All you have to do is to just buy a coloring book from the market and start coloring it. Coloring the different objects will relax you and will make you happy.


Walking in an open field is the most Simple and Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Adults, Teens, and Children for relaxing from the stress. Go for a walk for 10 to 20 minutes feel the nature and tries to remove all the stress.

Loud Singing

Almost every one of us like music and most of us also like singing also. Singing your Favorite song will help in removing the stress.  Singing will helps in refreshing your mind.