Things You Should Know About Prostrate Cancer

Cancer and its risk factors are known to the world and by now approximately 1.1 million men have been diagnosed with the most common malignancy called prostate cancer. It is nothing but the uncontrolled growth of cells in the prostate.

Diagnosed by a Blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen ) or  DRE – digital rectal examination and Biopsy one can identify the symptoms of this from this slow-growing disease. The protein produced by cells of prostate gland is called PSA. There levels can be evaluated to help identify the disorders pertaining to prostrate.

Approximately less than a million die of prostate related symptoms but this year alone the number of death increased to over 3 lakh men according to statistics.

This widely variable disease can be noticed and treated with surgeries. For instance, low treatment cost of prostate cancer in India has helped boost medical tourism. However, it is vital to discuss various aspects of prostate cancer t understand the mode of treatment and the nature of diseases.

Here are few aspects you should know about prostate cancer.

 cost of prostate cancer in India

 One must understand the nature, for instance, the aggression of prostrate cancer as it involves abnormal growth of cells rapidly. It most of the cases it can grow and spread very quickly. Thus one must discuss with the doctor providing treatment.


A physician should help you know what prostate and its functions are. This gland between the urethra and the bladder performs the primary functions by producing fluid that helps keep sperm healthy. This, in turn, aids fertilization and regulates the overall function of the male reproductive organ.

Hormones: There is another other hormone called the testosterone hormone, produced in testicles. Alongside adrenal gland also produced within promotes muscle mass and male characteristics. This male hormone is vital for sex drive or production and maturation of sperm.

Noncancerous malignancy 

Not all conditions can be considered as cancerous when there is an overgrowth of prostate tissue. At times occurrences of Benign prostatic hyperplasia has been seen that appears to have symptoms of cancer. Here, an overgrowth of prostate tissue that pushes against urethra and bladder can be observed. However, it’s a noncancerous condition and can be cured with minor surgeries.

However in today’s scenario, one must fear the rising cost of surgeries and that projects leading a healthy lifestyle the one chance to live.

Acute disorders and its treatment cost in developing country is helping men cope up with the financial crisis. Treatment cost of prostate cancer is India is surprisingly low saving lives with affordable surgeries.

Preventing Disorder:

Current lifestyle is accompanied by risks causing various forms of cancer On the other hand timely check up and diagnosing the symptoms may be helpful. Physicians suggest the change in diet and exercises and promote them as the ideal lifestyle to prevent prostate cancer.

Going by the trend, leading a healthy lifestyle has certain benefits. Regular exercises may help keep ailments away. This helps reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer but one cannot predict how hormones change or interfere with functions of vital organs of the body, this makes prevention a difficult task. This is possible if the cancer is the only lifestyle related.