Swamp Boy Seeds – The Creative Cannabis Strain Breeders!

Swamp Boy Seeds started when Cornbread Ricky and Krome collaborated in Florida. They are two old friends who are both creative breeders and have made the cannabis community a better place today by sharing two strains; the Triangle Kush and The White. Since they relocated to California, they have been consistently discovering new genetics by combining true-to-true strains with the newer varieties in order for them to create unique cultivars.

Here are the feminized and non-feminized seeds that they currently produce:

Feminized Seeds.

  • This is a cross between Banana OG and Nigerian reversal. They produce some of the largest and the most trichome covered flowers. They may take a while to flower because they are light eaters but with proper training, they would develop thick sativa branches.
  • Legend of Nigeria. This strain is a combination of Legend OG and Nigerian reversal. They are expected to be medium-sized and would need room to grow. This can give you a blueberry and fuel taste. With the Legend of Nigeria, you can expect to have large yields for more than 63 days.
  • This is a feminized cross of White Fire 3 and Nigerian reversal. This combination adds density to the trichome covered spears. While testing in the 30% range, this tastes like spearmint, black licorice, fuel, and spice.
  • Rollins. A feminized cross of Lemon Tree S1 and Nigerian reversal. It is expected to have long branches and would need training. The lemon tree adds an intense lemon zest with the hint of garlic. The testers came back in 24 to 28% range.


Non-Feminized Seeds.

  • This is a cross of the Limegerian or the Lime Kush and Nigerian, with the Orange Blossom Trail male. They are expected to give you large yields with a hint of lime, mint, chocolate, and citrus infused flowers. This is known to provide treatment with PTSD.
  • First 48. This is one of the most powerful crosses of The White and Orange Blossom Trail male. When these two are combined, it gives you a perfect blend of these two parents that can surely please even the pickiest connoisseurs.
  • Legend of Zelda. One of the best cross of Legend OG and Orange Blossom Trail male. A hybrid that can give you a head-thumping potency. This can also help soothe and sedate with its complex aroma of anise, roses, kush, and sandalwood.
  • Summer Breeze. This is one of Cornbread Ricky‚Äôs original creations which is a combination of McFly and Orange Blossom Trail male. It has a very aggressive branching that gives an amazing tropical aroma.
  • Gilz Nilz. A hybrid of The White and Georgia Pine male. This strain can leave you with a balanced mind and body effect while giving a relaxing result. As long as it is properly trained, this can give you an extremely high yield of the best quality.
  • Tina Danza. A perfect combination of Triangle Kush clone and the Georgia Pine male. The two harmonizes together with the classic OG notes and a hint of cardamom. You should expect solid yields from this strain.

Swamp Boy Seeds have developed unique strains but their most popular are McFly White Fire #3, Nookies, Nigerian, Mojito, Blockhead, Tina Danza, and Rogan. If you are not a fan of Haze before, you might change your mind when you try some from Swamp Boy Seeds.