Shopping list in terms of your third trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy shopping list third trimester does promise to be the most exciting time of your life. The anticipation is of the fact that when the little one would make an entry to this world. Shopping list during pregnancy is something to explore and you need to figure out a birth plan along with the name of your baby. There are some things which are suggested and this point of time. Let us explore them in details

Do observe the movements of the baby

Do pay attention to the kicks or the movements of your little one. It would be better on your part if you notice any decrease in the movement of the baby. If the movement is on the lesser side it may point to a problem. At this point of time you might need to take a test on the condition of your baby. The health care provider may ask you to spend some time during the day so as to count the kicks of the baby. In this regard you can rely on the kick counts.

Be aware of the third trimester prenatal visits to the doctor and follow up care

Most likely the chances of a check-up is all the more during 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Till the point you deliver you would need to switch over to once a week visit. Once the due date draws near both the patient and the health care provider need to know about each other. You can expect some late pregnancy tests, some regular physical exams and a host of discussions in relation to the impending birth.


In case if you intend to take up breastfeeding it would be better the more you can learn about it. Go for a breastfeeding class or you can talk to nursing mothers. This would help you to familiarize with the things about breastfeeding. This would help to get started about breastfeeding and be aware about the benefits of the same.

The choice of a doctor for your kid

You can take out the name of doctors from your friends or relatives. In fact from your primary physician you can get a lot of references as well. Do find out that the doctor goes on to accept your insurance and the office of your doctor is convenient to your location. If it is possible do schedule a one on one appointment with your health care provider. If you really think it is early, then the day is not far away when you will be having the first visit to the doctor when the baby is born.

Big decisions

Are you going to stay with your baby full time in the home or on a part time basis. Are you planning to have a religious ceremony once the baby arrives. The thinking about the baby cord blood would also be there. These are some of the important decisions which you need to take now or later in the days to come.