The health of mother and child is interconnected. One could not think of newborn’s well-being without paying attention to the health of mother. Most of the people take ample care of their bodies only during pregnancy and completely ignores the health once the baby is born. It is important to take care of the mother both during and after pregnancy. This is because a woman undergoes a number of physical and emotional changes after giving birth to a child which if not dealt properly might adversely affect the baby’s health. Giving birth to a child is not at all an easy task. It takes a lot out of a woman to bring her little one to this world. This is both physically and emotionally exhausting. A woman needs to relax and enjoy this new phase of her life after pregnancy. What else other than a massage can serve the purpose! Post-natal massage is highly recommended by doctors all over the world to be included in the mother’s post-natal care. Javanese Massage plays an integral part in post-natal massage treatment.

Javanese massage

Benefits of Javanese and Jamu Massage:

These methods are used since ancient times and have been highly beneficial in the post-natal care of mothers. Following are some of its benefits-

  • It helps in reducing post surgery adhesion and swelling.
  • Poor blood circulation can cause a number of health issues in women post pregnancy. This massage will help in improving blood circulation thereby facilitating more oxygen and nutrients to reach the vital organs.
  • Excess body fluids are drained away when pressure is applied during massage. This will lead to tension and stress relief.
  • Carrying the baby in the womb for long 9 months affects the body posture. This massage helps in correcting the body posture and helps in reducing back pain.
  • Body shapes are very much altered after pregnancy. With the help of this massage, overstretched skin can be brought back to its original shape.

Women undergo rapid changes during pregnancy and have limited time to take care of themselves. Priority is always given to the child. Some women also undergo mood disorders which if left unattended can worsen the condition. This will be bad for both baby and the mother. Post pregnancy stress and ailments can be efficiently alleviated by incorporating Javanese massage into post-natal care. A healthy mother is a sign of a healthy baby. Relieve the stress and spread happiness!