Mango Haze Regular Seeds – Get Your Skunk and Haze Hybrid Today!

According to cannabis experts, the Mango-Haze genetically consists of 25% Northern Lights, 25% of Skunk, and another 50% of Haze. This is definitely a strong strain! It may smell like fully ripened mangoes but do not be trickedby its sense of safety. The Mango-Haze has the power that you will not find in other strains! This is definitely the strain to impress friends. What’s more impressing is if you grow Mango Haze Regular Seeds yourself.

Mr. Nice Seedbank Mango-Haze Seeds

The genetic breeder of Mango Haze Regular Seeds is Mr. Nice Seedbank, and its heritage isNL5/Skunk, and Haze. You will get 18 seeds when you order, and these are mostly Sativa strains. These are regular seeds which have a THC content of medium to high. If you plant and grow them indoors, you can expect a yield of about 450-550 g/m2. In 8 to 11 weeks, the plant will start to bloom flowers which usually happens around October or November. This plant has different types of highs like cerebral, euphoric, long-lasting, and is also powerful.

Mr. Nice Seedbank is known for their high-quality seeds. They are one of the most trusted companies when it comes to cannabis seeds. Their seeds are carefully crafted to make sure that you achieve the best marijuana production at home. If your country does not allow you to grow cannabis, you can buy the Mango Haze Regular Seeds as a souvenir and add it to your seed bank collection.

There are different seed banks where you can buy these seeds today, but they do not guarantee the best results, unlike the ones from Mr. Nice Seedbank. You can be assured that the seeds from this company passed different tests to make sure that the products that they produce are up to their standards when it comes to quality and efficacy.

Mango Haze Regular Seeds – Developed For High Mold Resistance

Mold is one of the most common problems that cannabis growers face especially when they grow these indoors. This can greatly affect the quality of your seeds. The Mango Haze Regular Seeds from Mr. Nice Seedbank has mold resistance which makes it ideal for indoor growth. You can also store these seeds in your seed bank for a long time because they do not develop molds. The company has developed the best mold resistance seeds for you, and they’re carefully crafted to help you achieve the best growing results.

If you want to grow fast, tall, flowering cannabis, and expect to have big yields, the Mango Haze Regular Seeds is the best option for you. Order your seeds at Mr. Nice Seedbank today if you want to have easy access to the seeds in a short period of time. There’s no need to wait any longer! When it comes to delivery reputation, Mr. Nice Seedbank has the best in the market these days. They deliver their seeds quickly, discreetly and carefully.