Joy and Perils stands together

Depression and Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of joy,baby showers and excitement about the wonders of a new life. Depression, a major clinical depressive disorder, which causes severe symptoms to handle daily activities like working, eating, sleeping etc. and also largely affects the thought process also. And these symptoms are effective for several weeks and are very potent to destroy a person’s social and professional life. However many cases has been reported, where pregnancy is also affected by the perils ofdepression, which not only puts mother at risk, it also affects the health of the child as well.

Ways of treating Depression

During pregnancy hormonal dynamicity increase in the body. However it is thought to protect woman from depression, but present research states that these hormones triggers a vast range of emotions, that adversely makes it difficult to manage the depression condition. It is seen that at an average of 10% of pregnant women undergo this depressing phase during birth phase with feeling of sadness, anxiety and hopelessness. It can cause a certain loss of appetite. Fortunately this situation is treatable with antidepressant and psychotherapy. However depression medicine while pregnant is prescribed by doctors in severe conditions or for some who has a history of using it and relapsing when not given. For moderate or mild depression it is suggested to go for psychotherapic method rather than taking drugs or antidepressant.

Side effects of Anti-Depressants

depression medicine while pregnant

Along with their mood altering nature antidepressants sometimes cause a wide range of unpleasantness or side effects.

  • nausea
  • appetite increase
  • weight gain
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • agitation
  • insomnia
  • dry mouth
  • blurred vision
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of sexual desire for both male and female.

Pregnancy and Depression

Generally it is suggested by both gynecologists and psychologists that if a patient is having mild or moderate depression is it prescribed to stop anti-depressant drugs under supervision of expert doctor. Psychotherapy is talk therapy that can heal wide range of mental illness. During pregnancy, to battle depression, the following are suggested.

  • Talking session with a therapist on constant basis
  • Exercise more for proper breathing
  • Spend more time outside to engage the brain in good and mood altering matters.
  • Practice yoga
  • Meditation
  • Minimize the stress

However according to the experts, when this psychotherapy fails it is always better for the mother as well as for the baby to be on antidepressant medication, if the following kind of symptoms or tendencies appears in past or in recent present condition

  • If someone have a record of recurrent and severe depression
  • Someone with a record as bipolar disorder or other severe mental illness
  • If someone have been or have the tendencies for suicide.


Pregnancy depression treatment is very essential. If the problem is not treated properly, it will be an extreme unethical for the little child as proper prenatal caring is not taking place. If mother does not yield healthy food, the baby will also not get enough nutrition. Sometimes tendency of smoking and alcohol consumption also get along, which adds up to the adverse effect. These conditions may cause severe results like stillbirth, premature birth, fetal abnormalities and many more.