How To Treat Cancer With Cbd/Thc Oil And Put Big Pharma To Shame

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that any person can have. Being in this condition, the patient needs you to undergo treatments and take medications. CBD or Cannabidiol are proven to be effective in treating cancer. A 2010 study has shown that the CBD or THC oil are needed to cure health problems like cancer.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or Cannabidiol can help stop cancer. CBD is used for the relief of nausea and vomiting, and other effects of cancer. Aside from that, CBD oil is very popular in treating pain. Because of these benefits, it is slowly putting the Big Pharma in danger because these people who used to take multiple medications can now get the benefits of these products, the CBD/THC  oil.

CBD and THC – What Are They?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most popular cannabinoids that can be found in the plant genus, Cannabis. There may be hundreds of cannabinoid identified these days, but the CBD and the THC are the most researched and are better understood. These two can both interact with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating pain, the appetite, mood, and memory, as well as the immune response and the cellular life and death cycles.

CBD oil cancer dosage

The Effective Dosage of CBD for Cancer

CBD oil cancer dosage usually comes with the CBD tincture that can be taken once or thrice a day. You can first take one to three drops under your tongue, let it linger for about 60 seconds before you swallow. If you prefer to take CBD pills, take 1 to 3 capsules a day. But remember that taking more will not cause you any harm. Overdosing is not possible since this is non-toxic. So if you think that the above dosage is not enough, take it up a notch and listen to your body’s responses.

The THC Dosage for Cancer

You need to be more careful with the THC oil dosage. This product is not legal in other countries. But if you have access to this product, you can take a small amount, like a grain of rice, three times a day. Let it stay under your tongue for 60 seconds and then you swallow. For lung cancer patients, vaporizing using cannabis is highly recommended. Unlike the CBD oil, THC oil usage should not exceed 3 months.

According to reports, there is an increasing number of cancer patients who benefit from taking cannabis. This practice is now very popular all over the world. You can find success stories through the internet like the social media. CBD and THC oils are definitely going to change how the world sees methods of medicating certain diseases like cancer.