Cancer is one of the worst feared diseases in the world because of the sole reason that once it’s too late, it’s uncontrollable. No such medicines have been designed to eradicate or treat cancer in the best possible way. We are living in a world where experiments are being conducted but no concrete life changing results have come out.

Everyday millions are losing their loved ones to cancer after spending money on them like water¬† Apart from being the deadliest disease, it is also the most expensive and that’s the thing about keeping loved ones around you for a little while longer. You’re willing to spend as much as possible on them even though you know that there is no coming back.

What exactly is cancer and how does it occur?

First we need to understand that cancer is not one disease but an amalgamation of diseases that occur due to the mutation of genes. Cancer hospital in india say that cancer starts occuring when the cells in a human body start multiplying and growing at a very fast rate.

What a normal person’s body cells would do is, grow, multiply, spread, divide and then eventually die in sometime but that’s not the case with cancer cells. For the people affected by cancer, these cells keep increasing till they form tumours which slowly increase in size as well. Early detection of these tumors can go a long way in actually ridding a person of cancer because if it isn’t detected in time then the cancer cells break apart from the growing tumor and spread to different parts of the body.

Cancer and it’s detection

A doctor who treats cancer patients is known as an oncologist. They detect cancer cells through a procedure called biopsy where the tissue from the person’s body is taken to examine for cancer cells.

It is important that if a person is feeling any of the symptoms mentioned, he or she must visit a doctor who can further guide her into the process with the help of CT pet scans and MRI scans.

The following symptoms indicate different types of cancer

  • Nausea
  • Blood in the cough
  • Lethargy without working too much
  • Problems associated with urination
  • Pain in the breasts or a lump in any part of it.

How is one affected with cancer

  1. If gour family has a history of cancer then there are high chances of you getting it or if you have inherited it from one set of parents. Getting routine checkups is very important if a very close blood relative or one of your parents have had it.
  2. Some people have weak immune systems that are more susceptible to cancer than others.
  3. Smoking leads to lung cancer and various other diseases. Exposure to the UV rays of the sun causes skin cancer. However some people smoke throughout their lives and life upto be 200, that is why cancer all depends on luck and inherited genetics.
  4. However it is important to remember that cancer is not contagious. You cannot touch a cancer patient and get cancer.