Breast Cancer: The danger and the Treatment

The danger

Cancer is the word itself very much frightening to hear as its occurrence in this human world only means death and nothing else. The disease is one of the hard diseases to treat in this universe and no wonder it does not have any of the treatments present. The scientist and the researcher from all throughout the world are trying every day and every night to get something that will help them to fight against cancer. Although till now they are very much failed and the thus there is no treatment present that can cure the disease cancer in its total way. If we check the list of the most reasons for death in the world we could find cancer at the top, being the third occurred disease that causes a fatality. Treatments are definitely present that will do something in terms of the prolonging the tenure of living of that particular person affected by cancer only and only when the detection is done in stage one. And the disease reaches stage three, then these treatments will not be so much effective also. And along with that the treatment also harms the normal cells of the body as well that at each time when the chemical is taken by any form the body becomes a lot weal also.

Why it is so effective?

The disease is very much complex and the thus treatment is also very much difficult as well. The main reason for its complexity is because it affects due to the genetic activation of those cancer-specific genes. These genes in many cases upon activation makes the cell cycle work in an abnormal way thus the cell gets produced in an unlimited manner and the those produced cells become deposited in the body at some place to cause the malignancy. The cell cycle operates in every human being intends to produce the cells of our body. As the cells are very much needed for our body but the number of the cells needed is very much specific in number. The cells extending that number will be called as wastes as they will be non-functional. In cancer, this thing happens as the cell cycle inhibitors start malfunctioning or stop working properly. Thus the cells get produced in an unlimited manner. Because of its genetic mode of operation, the disease is very much tough to treat. Along with the, there is another characteristic of cancer as well that the cancer cells after some time spreads all throughout the body and once that happens it is very much difficult to trace its origin.

Breast Cancer

Recently reports suggest that this particular type of cancer is very much affecting the woman it has become the number cause of death for the women. Although there also other reports of the survival of the patients.


Along with the chemo and the radiation therapy breast cancer treatment has been very much benefited with the surgery methods as the patients in many cases lose one of their breast or two but upon which the disease gets cured and she can live.


Breast cancer treatment cost in India is not very high and we are hopeful that new, methods will come with which we will be able to defeat the disease in a better way.