Benefits and Disadvantages of Coluracetam a nootropic drug

Coluracetam is a nootropic drug that can boost your memory and working level. It can also deal with anxiety and depression. If you want to boost the power of your brain and memory then this is the best drug to take. Let us check out the benefits and disadvantages of this drug based on coluracetam experience.

Benefits of coluracetam:

Improves memory, substantially: your memory is highly affected by the level of acetylcholine in your body. It is found that people suffering from Alzheimer’s have a low level of acetylcholine in their hippocampus. Using this nootropic drug you can eliminate some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s as it can boost the level of acetylcholine in the brain and improves learning and memory.

coluracetam promote the growth of nerve cell

  1. Can fight depression: it is a memory supplement and can improve the user’s mood. It has been clinically tested for positive results for treating depression and usually a dosage of 80mg is required for positive results in patients suffering from depression.
  2. Can overcome anxiety: this drug can enhance memory and is effective for treating anxiety. By consuming coluracetam on a daily basis, you can have around 21% more benefit as compared to the usage of antidepressants like Valium.
  3. Can help with mental health disorders: patients suffering from mental health disorders such as Schizophrenia can benefit greatly from this drug. This is because this disease is caused by an impaired functioning of the acetylcholine enzyme. This drug can improve the synthesis of acetylcholine substantially and limits the effects of Schizophrenia.
  4. Can improve eye health: Coluracetam is facing the dearth of medical research. It was found that it is giving a positive effect on the health of humans. Several studies are there during this process for treating the retinal injuries and optic nerve. There is a very limited data available for it, but it is sufficiently proved that you will able to utilize the coluracetam for improving the vision.
  5. Can Promote the growth of nerve cell: Coluracetam is very effective in neurogenesis. This drug is very active in the brain and is presumed that it is promoting the nerve cell growth. This benefit of this can be seen after the few weeks of consumption of coluracetam and the brain is then able to receive the regular supply of the drug.

Side Effects of Coluracetam

Brain Damage

There is no drug who is not having side effects and is devoid of risks. Coluracetam is also included in this list. Due to the lack of pertinent scholar data, it is very difficult to accurately outline the consequences and the risks which are incurred during the consumption of coluracetam. Do nootropics work properly. The common side effects which are reported by users are given below:

  • Expect Headaches
  • Always look at the level of toxicity involved in coluracetam
  • The potential for the addiction of coluracetam
  • Unpleasant experience

Always take the lowest dosage so that its negative effects are avoided. It is also possible to reduce its side effect by increasing the choline supply in the diet.