An abnormal pap smear during pregnancy

If you are a lady of child bearing stage then by now you might have had your own share of pap smears. Can a pap smear determine pregnancy is another question altogether. Though most of the Pap smear tests turn out to be normal, women who have been part of an abnormal pap smear might require an additional round of testing or perhaps even treatment. If abnormal cervical cells during pregnancy are detected then there is no need to panic. It would mean something serious or it could be nothing at all as well. During pregnancy it is not something that is not something which is unheard off, but the results or tests could be administered to the would be mothers.

During pregnancy it is safe to have a Pap smear test undertaken on all counts. The doctors are likely to perform it is due for the patients and this is irrespective of the pregnancy status of a woman. The only difference that you are going to notice if you have a pap smear during pregnancy, is an increase in bleeding levels. As the cervix is more engrossed with blood at this point of time, a slight level of bleeding is very much part of an abnormal pap smear test.

abnormal cervical cells during pregnancy

In fact this test is for sure going to take a woman into panic mode but the result could not turn out to be a major concern of sorts. It could indicate the presence of cancer cells, but chances of infection are also common. The results determine on whether further course of testing might be needed or not. In fact if an abnormal pap smear is determined during pregnancy it is suggested that you would need to undertake a colposcopy. At this point of time the doctor will view the cervix under magnification. In this manner the doctor will be able to determine what lead to the result of an abnormal pap smear and how treatment should be taken ahead.

If the doctor is of the opinion that the abnormal pap results did arise from cancer cells, the best solution would be to wait until pregnancy to get the treatment performed. If one is pretty early in the stages of pregnancy, then the doctor may ask you to abort the pregnancy so that further treatment could be provided. On the other hand if it is discovered in the later stages of pregnancy, then the labor could be induced earlier so that further round of testing could be provided.

To conclude, the presence of abnormal cervix cells does not pose any major risk to the baby at all. As per the view point of medical experts they are washed away during delivery or labor. On the other hand if the doctor is of the opinion that a Pap smear test may go on to pose a major risk to the baby, then a C section delivery may be suggested. But such a suggestion is on the rarer side.