Understanding the Bodybuilding Process

Nowadays, most of the bodybuilding magazines are publishing articles about hard gainers. Hard gainers are those people who find it difficult to put on muscle because of genetics. You are supposed to know that not all the bodybuilding articles give genuine information. Most of they are published to convince you to buy muscle-building products. You must consider using HCG injections as a precaution for mass gain under the supervision of your physician.

You need to understand the intricacies of bodybuilding. Your fitness instructor will not work out for you. In order to reap the maximum benefits, you have to work out and there is no shortcut.

Understanding the muscle building

The fact is that most of us are hard gainers and according to a report published in a health magazine. One guy among 500 has a genetic liability, rest of us have to work hard. Gaining muscle mass is an exhaustive process, you need to put in serious efforts into it. It takes a lot of discipline, knowledge, balanced diet, proper training to build muscle. Not all the bodybuilders have great genetics, but still they succeed.Do not think of hard gaining just work out religiously.

Be reasonable

bodybuilding plan

Remember that when you have to enhance your size beyond belief, you have to do work hard for it, there is no other way. I amnot misleadingyou; I am making you aware of those reasonable facts, which will lay the foundation stone of your bodybuilding career.

Let us discuss a couple of common myths

  • You will be able to produce the greatest gains by high intensity training.
  • Muscle confusion is necessary to maximize gain by changing workout routines.
  • You need to workout at least 90 minutes to stimulate the growth hormones.
  • You have to train every body part three times a week to enhance muscle definition.
  • You have to take at least 72 hours of rest for muscle recovery.
  • Opt for instinctive training.
  • The main problem of present day bodybuilders is over training.

The best part is that your muscles cannot see, read or think about these myths. They are not restricted or affected by these with myths, but and your actions are. If you can do the right thing, then your muscles will grow far beyond your contemplation.


As human, we have several survival tools and adaptation is one of them. Our body will adopt itself to the changes in the environment. This is natural in humans as well as animals. You may have noticed that dogs and cats respond to change in temperature. When it is winter, their hair will grow big and the reverse will happen when it is too hot. Similarly, when you will move to the mountains, you will feel short of breath, but after some time when your body will adjust to it. You can think about using HCG injections as a precaution, but never do it without the proper consultation of your physician.

This is adaptation quality of your body and it applies when you are training to increase muscle mass. When you realize that, your body has adopted to the workout routine you are following. Just change it a little and you will this start receiving desired results.