The One Who Ensure The Proper Drug That You are Taking for Your Health

The pharmaceutical companies always have its characteristics and regulations for the drug nomenclature and the equivalence of the medicines. Each medicine is made by one or more dominant active ingredient, which concludes its particular therapeutic action. There are some completing components which assist the progress of the absorption and stability. Furthermore, drugs may, as they are adapted by various ways or with elements of various qualities, have distinct degrees of influences for all the kinds of drugs.

The doctor’s prescription is the most reliable to ensure the safe of your health

These drugs may be sold and identified by means of a scientific name or its commercial name. The commercial name is anyhow choosing a unique name that the producer of the drug registers to make sure its restricted use.  By concealing the equivalence of the drug with others, the manufacturer is making an effort to make sure that the doctors who give prescription to that drug is reliable. That the patients or the user of the drug obtain and use it instead of some substitute medicines. The so-called scientific name is the generic name or the International Nonproprietary Name or INN. It is used to know the medicines that have similar active compounds or the same active ingredients in the case of blending it together with the other. The generalization of it allows the doctors to determine without any assurance to a commercial firm. And for the patients or users to select the drug he feels most exact from among the therapeutically substitute of the pharmaceutical products.

Be advised about the combination of drugs you are taking

The Bioavailability is the portion of the amount of the main active ingredient included in the pharmaceutical form and of the acceleration with, which it is consumed by the organism. The Pharmaceutical equivalence continues between the 2 drugs when they have the similar amounts of the same main active ingredients. But it is not importantly the same recipients in order to show the various Bioavailabilty, which means that they should need different dosages in order to get the same effect. This Therapeutic equivalence also continues when the drug supply has the similar clinical effects at the same exact dosage. Their scientific name is very important and that is the difference between a healthy system that acknowledge any prescription and sale of the drugs using their commercial name.

Choose the right drug in accord to its prescription and not for the value

When the community uses the commercial name, each supplies appear to be all unique drugs that must be collected by the users at any amount so that it can have the admission to its health-giving powers. The competition will become transparent and the users may select between the drugs that have the same value, when the drugs are sold and prescribed by their scientific name. Furthermore, to avoid any competition, the concept of the various brand names for the similar drug and the likeness of each brand name for various medicines, simply risks their health due to the disorientation that begins between the users and the doctors. In such case like Nomenclature, the curiosity about the brand name manufacturers who propose it and those of the society and users in general are in conflict with all of whom benefit from its scientific name.