The Best Anadrol Cycles for Ideal Gains

Anadrol is also known as Oxymetholone is a chemically derived form of the natural hormone that has been present in the body Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It can lead to aneffective increase in the muscle weight in the body. People often refer to this anabolic steroid as A- bombs or A-50. The use of this steroid hasbeen done efficiently in many cases to increase weight in the bodyand has been exploited by many people as an off- season drug.This drug has a lot of medical significance. It increases the production of red blood cells in the body, increase in strength and appetite. Any person who would like to exploit this drug for better effect here are some tricks from the cheat sheet that would give you the ideal results.

Anadrol Derivatives

Anadrol is a chemical derivative of DHT a natural hormone with some modifications. It contains a modification at the 17th carbon position where an alkylation is seen this gives an added advantage to the drug.  This property makes it more stable to resist degradation in the first passage through the liver. People of the athletic community have exploited the gains from the drug in getting the ideal body weight.  It is often observed that people often do not recommend the use of an Anadrol only cycle for gains. Many people use this steroid in Anadrol Nandrolone cycle which helps them gain weight. The cycle contains testosterone or supplements of it for weight gains in the body.  Any first time users must not be swayed by the many success stories related to the drug use rather than carefully analyse the pros and cons of the situation. So though it has many sucheffects, it also has some cons which should be thought about carefully.


Review of Anadrol use

Oxymetholonehas been used in the development of the red blood cells in the body. It promotes the nitrogen retention in the body which is required for the formation of muscles.  The use of the drug stimulates the synthesis of the proteins in the body. The anabolic use causes inhibition of the natural testosterone production in the body. It can cause the toxicity of liver and has been most infamous of all the other steroids of the group due to thishypoxic effect.  The gains due to the use of the drug are so effective that it has been used for the treatment of muscle wastage in HIV/AIDS patients.

Anadrol cycles

Anadrol cycles are not recommended solely for weight gain. First-time users normally take it in 25mg per day with gradual increase to 50 mg per day in the third week. They would start seeing the gains in this cycle in the third week itself. In advanced users the case is different, they prefer to use this steroid at the beginning of the cycle to jump start the weight gain. They often use in combination with other steroids which supplement the testosterone level in the body like an Anadrol Nandrolone cycle. People do not recommend the use of this anabolic for more than six weeks. The highest amount of steroid that people can use is 100mg, but it is not recommended as it might lead to drastic side effects and may be harmful to the body in the long run.