Testosterone: The Guide to Using the steroid

Testosterone is a well-known male sex hormone that is responsible for thedevelopment of the secondary characters. It plays apredominant role throughout one’s life but is most important in the adolescent period where the testosterone levels are high. It leads to deepening of thevoice, increase in facial hair along with anincrease in sperm count.The level of the hormone changes according to a person’s age. One of the most important steroids in the market does, in fact,has asimilar effect as this hormone also called testosterone. It is important to understand about the dosage of the different types of the steroid present in the market. A user must be careful to analyze the effects and side effects before use of any such steroid.

testosterone stimulating substances


Steroids are the artificial synthesisedhormones that have been produced to supplement the deficiency in the body. Testosterone is predominantly produced in the testes in males and small amounts in the adrenalin gland. Although people often think thishormone as amale-only hormone, in truth, it is not so as in females a small amount of the testosterone is produced by the ovaries that help in the maintenance of the hormone functions. A lot of problems appear when the amount of the hormone present in the body is not sufficient to deal with the normal functioning.It has a lot of medical purpose especially for people that have adeficiency in this hormoneleading to muscle wasting. In such cases, use of testosterone stimulating substances provides the body with an alternative that takes care of the deficiency in the body allowing the body to do its normal function. The deficiency of testosterone in male leads to sexual difficulty, change in libido and deficiency of sperms.

Different types present in the market

The testosterone supplements that are present in the market that contains a larger side chain. The most common alternative present in the market is of different forms like the propionate, enanthate and the cypionate. The oldest form that is present is known as Testosterone propionate which is a single ester hormone which had been marketed in 1937. The addition of a side chain could increase the life of the testosterone in the body that lead to the best effects. The enanthate version of the hormone is the oldest version along with the cypionate form.  In most cases, it is present in the form of injections. Care should be taken to measure out the required dose to prevent negative impacts to the body.

Getting the effect in bodybuilders

The use of testosterone for anincrease in muscle for themedical purpose has caught the eye of many peoplein bodybuilding sphere. Bodybuilders have increasingly used the hormone in the development of the different muscles in the body. It causes an increasing amount of red blood cells in the body. It leads to an increase in the amount of the oxygenated blood that leads to the increase in stamina. It has also affectedby anincrease in the bone content that leads to astrengthening of the bones. The use of testosterone stimulating substances leads to increase in the nitrogen retention in the body that contributes to the muscle development and maintenance.