Synagen IQ vs. Apex Mastermind

Nootropics are supplements used for improving concentration and boosting memory power. Often, nootropics are used to increase attention spans and to help individuals focus, for example when they are studying. Nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs”. They are associated with increased mental energy, increased motivation and intelligence.

Many of them work by increasing the communication between neurons, balancing neurotransmitter levels and promoting the health of the brain cells. Nootropics stimulate the growing of synapses and new neurons. But how many of the offered nootropics on the market actually give the promised results? Let’s take a look at these 2 supplements and what they can offer you.

Synagen IQ

This is a nootropic that boosts the brain function in multiple ways. Synagen’s IQ will give you the needed mental boost by increasing your focus, concentration and energy. SynagenIQworks for people who want to reduce the aging effects in their brain. That is one of the reasons it has become so popular. (Source: )

Synagen-IQ Core Focus gives stronger hold on tasks and improves the ability of remembering many things. It improves the brain function for a long-time period, not just for the moment or for a couple of days. Synagen Core Focus will fuel the brain’s cognitive functions but it will also prevent you from memory loss.  The ingredients are:

  • Caffeine- helps with increasing energy levels, so people who are sensitive to caffeine should start with a low dosage at the beginning
  • BacopaMonnieri- helps with blood regulation to the brain and improves the cognitive abilities
  • Alpha GPC- improves the learning abilities and the cognitive functions
  • Phosphatidylserine- it helps with reducing age-related decline in the brain function
  • Vinpocetine- increases long-term memory and retention
  • Tyrosine- strengthens connections and allows proper protein utilizing to the brain

Apex Mastermind

This is an amazing nootropic formula which increases brain performance and concentration and improves energy levels. ApexMastermind is made of natural ingredients that work to increase the cognitive functions. This supplement will clear your mental vision and you will also discover lucid dreaming. It will help improve the neurological processing and enhance cognitive speed. Apex-Mastermind will increase the blood flow to the brain and will offer neuro-protective effects.

It can increase energy, attention, mental alertness and mental focus. Apex’s Mastermind bolsters the scholarly execution and shields the cerebrum from mischief. There are no side effects, however, it is not for individuals under the age of 18. The active ingredients are: Vinpocetine, BacopaMonnieri, Alpha GPC, L-Tyrosine and Hyperfine A. They are perfectly blended and ready to contribute to the maintenance of optimal brain function.


Both of these products gave and are still giving great results to consumers. Synagen and Mastermind received positive reviews. The good thing is, if you are not sure which one will be the right choice for you, you are offered free trials on both of them. Get your free-trial and decide which nootropic affects you better.