Magical Results from Hygetropin

There are many types of synthetic steroids and hormones used by bodybuilders and other sports people. They are all looking for some kind enhancement, whether it is muscle, strength, stamina or energy. With the aid of these drugs, they are able to work hard and spend more time in a gym which is otherwise limited to certain amount of time only. One such helpful drug is called Human Growth Hormone or simply HGH. Hygetropin is a commercial name of the synthetic version of HGH. As the name implies, it is helpful for human growth in many ways like metabolism, skeletal and muscle growth, digestive system and brain function. One should understand that all these growths occur at the cellular level by way of new cell growth and cell reproduction.

Information on HGH

It is one of the essential hormones required by humans for growth and development. It is secreted by the Pituitary gland and controlled by the Hypothalamus. The original specification of Hygetropin is made by proteins of 191 amino acids. The hormone that is manufactured naturally by the body is called Somatotropin and abbreviated as HGH and the synthetic hormone as rHGH. Recombinant DNA techniques have been used to manufacture synthetic HGH. The levels of the hormone are tightly controlled by the brain and when necessary, it will increase the secretions as in the case of survival or fear. It is found that a good sleep will generate the necessary amount of the hormone. The levels may get affected in case of damage to the brain or pituitary gland or other causes. Administration of HGH is necessitated for these conditions and where growth is required like short stature.

Effects of HGH

The drug is available as injections and typical medical use will be 2-5 IU per day. However, the kind of growth required by bodybuilders is high and hence 5-10 IU may be required. One should understand that the results of the same quantity of the drug may differ based on individuals. Mainly they depend on age, genetic makeup, exercise and diet. Users experience renewed energy, muscle growth and bone density which are all needed by the bodybuilders. Recently, it has been tried on older patients to rejuvenate the body but so far research has not indicated any positive results under clinical doses.

Drug Safety

Taking any kind of drug involves a certain amount of risk in the form of side effects. So is the case with HGH too. Many fake and spurious drugs are available in the markets proclaiming to be genuine ones and these pose the maximum risk to the users. Either they are useless or the results are very limited. The original specification of Hygetropin states that it contains 191 peptides, no one will be sure with the fake products or products that are available from China. Generally, the US and European make are considered genuine products. High doses of the drug may result in bad LDL/HDL ratio and eventually affect the heart. Other conditions like numbness of the joints, pain in the joints, muscle and nerves and edema are also likely to occur. A potential user should understand the risks involved and proceed to use.