Irregular Menstruation: Facts on Its Symptoms Explained in Simple Way

Every woman has to go through a menstrual cycle. In every month, there will be 3-5 days of menstruation to take place. Some women have a regular period. But, there are also others who can’t seem to get the right timing for their menstruation. And yes, it is also normal for women to experience irregular period.

Irregular periods happen if there is a severe hormonal imbalance in one’s body. The reasons can range from the lifestyle you have and up to stress. No matter how it happens more often, there are some cases you can avoid to make it happen more often. By identifying the factors, you will start doing better in your lifestyle change.

Factors that Results in Irregular Menstruation

Missing a monthly menstruation does not always mean you are pregnant. If you go through such scenario, you need to see the possibilities first. To make you calm on handling such matter, you better check the important notes below.

  • Birth Control Pills

Depending on the dose and effectiveness of the pill, the occurrence of menstruation also differs. It can come light, or maybe it may not come at all. If you experience any irregularity on your menstruation, it may be due to the side-effects of the birth control pills you are taking.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Having a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is another possible reason for a menstruation to come late. Basically, a PCOS is responsible for the development of tiny cysts in ovaries. On which note, it can interfere the ovulation on a regular basis. By then, there is a tendency of the menstruation not to happen at all.

  • Too Much Exercise

Making your body exhausted will also be subject to an irregularity in the menstrual cycle. Exercise is good. Dieting is good. But if you do too much of the good stuff, you may end up having an irregular menstruation. It is not a bad thing but your reproductive system needs to go through the ovulation stage once a month. Thus, when you stay active, always do it with moderation.

  • Stress

Take note, menstrual cycle irregularity originates from hormonal imbalance. Now, if you are a stressed person each day, you can experience the irregular period. Tons of responsibilities have to be dealt one by one. If you are always stressed then there’s no surprise how you will get the irregularity at some point.

  • Illness

In some instance, a health complication can also lead to hormonal imbalance. With an existing hormonal imbalance caused by health issues, you can end up dealing with the irregularity. Diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and eating disorders are few of the illnesses.

In any type of disease or irregularity you experience, always call for help. Right now, there are hundreds of medical offices which are also present online. Some would even offer a good set of online assistance and checkup. Others prepare medicines to be delivered to anyone who calls for their assistance. If you’re unsure and hesitant regarding your current situation, you need to set an appointment with your doctor. Avoid letting one issue to go big. Make things less complicated by applying necessary medical assistance to it.