Important factor which each woman want to know

Pregnancy is the time where women can experience lots of changes in their body. Sometimes, this would be hard to release what is really going on with the human body. Even if you have been pregnant before, every pregnancy can be unique always, so each and every time women can experience different feelings. Even some women can wonder yourself on how this could be pregnancy number 2 to 3 and yet the experience is something new. During the time of pregnancy, your baby would be surrounded by the amniotic fluid. Actually, this fluid helps you to protect and keep baby well cushioned and this also helps in overall development, especially in the early lung development.

One of the biggest ways which the amniotic fluid and the amniotic sac protect the baby is just keeping the germs out to reduce the risk of infection while they are growing. If the water breaks inside with the big gush, this is often quite noticeable thing on what is happened. Also, during sometimes some small bit of fluids as well as the mucous are discharged and you may be wondering if this is the amniotic fluid, or the accidental urine leak, or even just the unpleasant increase of vaginal discharge during the time of pregnancy. How do you know if you are leaking amniotic fluid? is the common question to be asked them in order to know about the thing clearly?

For that, there are some signs on leaking the amniotic fluid. This can sometimes quite difficult to tell on what you are finding in your undergarments or while you are wiping after using the toilet. One can differentiate the amniotic fluid from urine, because this looks quite different from urine or with the vagina discharge. Look into few things which help you to know more about the amniotic fluid.

This is generally odorless

This often continuous to flow, even sometimes steady flow

Unlike urine, you would never have control over the flow

If there is greenish to brownish tint, you are suggested to contact the doctor immediately like this could be the greatest sign baby who has the bowel movement in utero. You may also experience the bit of discomfort and cramping, but most of the people do not notice anything beyond some steady leak of the fluid. This is unlikely to be leaking of the amniotic fluid, if there is urine like odor, some yellow tinged like urine. So, if you want to know more about this certain topic, you can go through the link which is mentioned above and get some guidance from your doctor to know about this thing clearly.