Importance of pregnancy contraction timer to get labour timed

Contractions are related to delivery and signal the beginning of the process. The timings of contractions get frequent as the day of the parturition comes closer. Sometimes the contractions may be a false alarm as well and can be difficult to differentiate from the actual ones. Therefore, a contraction timer may help in this process to determine the exact day and time of the baby’s delivery. The process of contraction is imminent and timed for every pregnant woman. The frequency of the contractions helps in understanding the intensity of the labor.

Characteristics of real labour and false labour

The contractions occurring as false labour have some particular characteristics to look for. These properties prove that the contraction is not part of the delivery of the baby.

1. There is no pattern in the contraction it is usually irregular in timing. The intensity never increases with time.

2. The contraction pain recedes very soon making it easier and pain mainly occurs in the lower abdomen.

These are some of the false reflexes that can be ignored without a doubt. The characteristics of real labour are different and can easily be understood. These properties ultimately relate to the scheduling of the delivery.

1. The patterns of contraction occur at regular interval and intensity increases with the day of labour closing in.

2. As the delivery time closes in the pain becomes unbearable and women focus more on the feeling of pain rather than talk.

These signs prove that the day of parturition is closing in. Since the contraction follows a pattern it can be calculated using a pregnancy contraction timerThe timers work perfectly to detect the probable time of labour contraction and parturition.

Working principle of a contraction timer and how it helps

A contraction timer helps in the detection of labour time by working on the start of contraction and difference in time for next contraction. There are contraction timer tools that help in determining the exact time of parturition and determine the contraction for labour.

The contraction timer tools help in many ways:

1. Most important thing is to determine contraction.

2. It helps to determine when the pregnant woman needs to be taken for a checkup.

3. Determine the stage of pregnancy according to the number of contraction.

4. Schedule different stages of pregnancy in the pregnancy calendar to get a better result.

These are very important for a couple to understand the contraction which actually determines labour. With an online contraction timer, pregnancy goes swiftly for the mother and the time of delivery goes normally in a scheduled manner.


Changes in characteristics of pregnancy during the final trimester occurs in every pregnant woman, which determines a normal condition of pregnancy. These effects ultimately relate to scheduling the time of delivery. Therefore a contraction timer helps the couple to prepare for delivery and be aware of the future they are waiting for. The advantageous effects of timer make it a very common tool to help in pregnancy.