Home remedies for ear mites in cats

Cats are known to be susceptible to dust mites, especially if they have access to the outdoors. If a cat or kitten suddenly starts to scratch because of small parasites, the human -in-charge should immediately seek treatment. They can quickly soothe the pet against torment and irritation, and even eliminate mites entirely with home remedies for ear mites in cats.

The mites, commonly seen among domestic animals, especially in cats, are known as ‘OtodectesCynotis’ in medical parlance. These bugs are tiny creatures resembling crabs that feed on dead skin cells, waxy structure, and even lock and drink blood from your pet. This parasite is hardly visible also to naked eye but one can see it on almost every type and age of cats.

  • Keep the bed clean

One of the first things to do is to clean the bedding or cages the cat has access. The pet owner will need to wash and dry (at high temperature) any bed that the cat has slept on since the mites were discovered. Also, one can use peroxide to fumigate all the hard facade the cat has access to.
Vacuum cleaning the home every day while the cat has mites is also necessary. This is especially true if one has carpets, curtains, and soft furniture.

ear mites in cats

  • Garlic paste

The antibacterial properties of garlic, combined with the moisturizing effect of olive oil, are a gentle remedy for raw and soft ears. Also, olive oil will suffocate all existing mites.

  • Honey

The natural properties of honey can help the wounds heal faster. It also helps to recover the tears caused by scratching. It is due to the high content of antimicrobial and antibacterial agents present in honey. The direct application of honey will also suffocate all existing adult ear mites and prevent the further development of eggs or larvae.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a great way to smother adult ear mites and take away their food. Vaseline brings moisture to the ears, which also promotes healing.

  • Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an active miticidal agent in cats. Diatomaceous earth food quality, every adult mite or hatched fresh, but does not destroy eggs. It is therefore essential to continue this treatment for at least one month to ensure that the mite cycle has been stopped.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide helps prevent other infections by scraping mites. Also, hydrogen peroxide will break down any build-up of wax and deposits in the ears.

  • Mineral Oil:

Mineral oil is a great way to stifle existing mites and calm the inflamed ears. Mineral oil moisturizes and promotes healing in the ears. According to a study, it has been shown that a mineral oil-based ointment works against cat mites. In an attempt to test the quality of the compound, there are some researches done by the experts and they have found the best results for ear mites in cats with the use of the mineral oil.  Hence one can use the mineral oil also to get quick and quality results against the ear mites in cats.

These home remedies are easy to perform and do not harm the pet also.

Source: fogut.com