Gain powerful muscles with the positivity of Anavar

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is recognized as an anabolic steroid which supplies outstanding results. This medication is an artificial version of testosterone which boosts thin muscle mass, cuts body fat and increases strength when taken with proper diet and exercise. This medication is hugely popular among the novice anabolic steroid users because of its mild and infrequent side effects. This anabolic steroid has high anabolic and mild androgenic properties so it aids in building strength and supplies remarkable muscle growth minus side effects. Due to its lesser androgenic characteristics, this medication is a superb choice for those who wish to augment their strength detriment of huge weight gains.

Women too prefer this medication as they manage to avoid faster body hair growth besides other kinds of masculinity with this drug. A female who looks for safe performance improvement finds this medication for sale the perfect for her body. Moreover, this medication is one among the best-selling anabolics sold online. It is three times more powerful than testosterone and is quite effectual to be taken as a bulking compound. A ciclo di 30 mg al giorno of this medication should be used by a beginner which is considered to be a safe dosage. Unlike other compounds like Dianabol, this medication has no estrogenic activity.

Dosage and warnings

The dosages of this medication vary according to your experience and your tolerance level to this compound. The correct dosages are also dependent on your purpose of taking it; whether you are taking this medication for the purpose of bulking or losing weight. A beginner should try a cycle consisting of this compound only to test their tolerance level. The half-life of this medication is 8 hours. You can either take a solo regular dosage at a time or divide your dosage into two to be taken twice daily. Commonly, women begin with a dosage of 10mg daily and men prefer to take 20-25mg each day.

The maximum dosage for men is 120mg daily and women should not cross a dosage limit of 40mg daily. The most important thing to be remembered is this information can never replace the valuable medical advice of your physician. This dosage info just acts as a guideline and the tolerance level varies from person to person. Users who opt to cross the maximum dosage guidelines also increase the danger of side effects. Additionally, you must keep few things in your mind like your diet, current health status, exercise routine which play an important role in your tolerance level to this compound.

Stacking this compound

Oxandrolone is commonly stacked with different steroids in a cycle. As this anabolic steroid has gentle properties, so you are required to add potent anabolic steroids along with it. The earlier dosages for performance enhancement were 15-25mg daily for the new users. Now, users take ciclo di 30 mg al giorno and sometimes higher than this. For treating the AIDS patients for the purpose of stopping muscle wasting, a dosage in the range of 20-80mg is required each day. As this medication possesses strength three times more than testosterone so a beginner gets a considerable gain by taking the dosages mentioned above.