Epilepsy and pregnancy

It is ok to seek an expert opinion of a doctor with regard to various changes, along with medicines. It is suggested that some steps need to be taken before and after pregnancy to ensure that a woman is in great health. Your diet should include foods rich in cereals, folate or vegetables. Cut down on smoking and restrict the consumption of alcohol to a bare minimum. The sleep patterns should be regular and this is one of the best tips to restrict seizures. Epilepsy medicines during pregnancy are available over the counter as well. But before the intake of them, do seek the expert opinion of a doctor.

Security part

It is quite obvious that women are concerned about safety during pregnancy. A certain degree of common sense can reduce the precautions coupled with dangers associated with it. If you fall injuries to the fetus could be common as it is fully emerged in amniotic sac.

If it permits when someone is at home, then only take a shower or bath. Your midwife may be able to advice you on the security posed at this point of time.

When epilepsy tends to happen during pregnancy, and this is for the first time, then complications pertaining to pregnancy are bound to arise. Common symptoms that could emerge are high blood pressure or hypertension. It is suggested that you take rest in the hospital and this could also be a manner where your higher levels of blood pressure is controlled. The short term remedy at this point of time is to induce a C section delivery. To control seizures you can rely on the use of magnesium salts as well.

On the other hand some women during pregnancy are only known to have seizures. But they need to be investigated before they go on to become major issues. Women are not known to witness any module of attachment during pregnancy. For some control may be a better option. Close to 30 % women have gone on to report an increase in the size of seizures.

A minimum dosage of drug is advocated at the first instance, but if you are not keen then you can ask the doctor to administer the dose of drugs and it should not be all together. The best course of action is proper sleep as when you put on weight, during pregnancy, your sleeping patterns take a hit. Pressure and overheating on your belly makes you wake up often. You could try to catch on some sleep during the day and there should be no excess copperĀ  and support pillows are a must. One of the main reasons for nausea is low blood sugar. So when you start off your day try to incorporate a simple snack in your daily routine.

Digestion is another issue plaguing during pregnancy . The main reason for it is that the body tends to undergo a lot of changes due to pregnancy. With the aid of pregnancy digestion medicine, these issues could be put at bay.