Cheap Hematopoietic Marrow Transplant Treatment in India

Bone marrow transplantation is otherwise known as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Why do we need stem cells? The reason is that the hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) or stem cells can change into any kind of cells that the body needs at the time. For this reason, we also call them pluripotent stem cells.

Collecting blood for transplantation

When we talk about allogenic, we refer to the “other source” or the bone marrow got from another person. The bone marrow is the source of the HSCs that replenish our blood supply daily. It helps maintain a healthy count of the blood cells in the body. To do transplantation, you need to harvest the blood through aspirations. This you do many times until you have the needed amount of bone marrow. It is easy to do allogenic bone marrow transplant treatment in India. The reason is that there are many hospitals and the cost is not too much.

The ideal person to give you a transplant is someone in your immediate family such as your father, mother, brother, and sister. They chances of getting a match for the cells is higher. If you get the marrow from someone outside your family, the chances of a match diminish.

The second method is to mobilise the HSCs into circulation. For this, we use special medicines called cytokines. One such cytokine is GCSF also known as neupogen. We then filter the HSCs that have been mobilised through aphaeresis. This is a specialised filtering process. Once you have collected the needed blood marrow cells, you may store them in a chemical called DMSO and then placed in a freezer.

Drawback of chemotherapy

The need for chemotherapy is felt when there are cancer cells present in large numbers. Chemotherapy destroys the marrow cells that are damaged by the cancer. So, we see a tendency to use high dose chemotherapy to get a higher success rate. The drawback is that the chemotherapy destroys the normal blood cells also while destroying those damaged by cancer.

If you need a marrow transplant, then choose the best allogenic bone marrow transplant center in India. There are several advantages when you do the bone marrow transplant in India. One is the low cost compared to other countries. It costs only 7-8 lakh INR. This is about 50-60 times cheaper than the cost in the US or the UK.

Availability of technology

The second reason is the high level of technology available. We have speciality hospitals in all major cities in India. You can get the transplantation done in any one of them successfully. The rate of success depends on how much match you got if you are getting the bone marrow from a donor.

By choosing a good hospital, you increase the chance of survival. In the autologous therapy, your own body cells are collected and stored in a freezer prior to high dose chemotherapy. The chemotherapy helps assure that the cancer cells are in remission. The evaluation of the bone marrow takes place to assure that they are healthy cells. Also, the heart, lung, and liver function must prove adequate. Then, the stem cells that have been stimulated to divide and mobilised through medication, we filter out of the body. We store this for future use.