Best Steroid for Cutting Cycles

There are many athletes who just rely on their physical strength and performance to join competitive sports. Then there are other people who just would like to achieve targets by whatever means. This includes consuming steroids and other substances. In the case of body builders, their main aim to have lots of muscle, shape them and win prizes. This takes quite a lot of effort and time. It is known that these people start very early in their ages and start work towards their goal of adding more and more muscle. For some people, this may prove to be elusive. These are the people who tend to lean towards steroids for improvement. However, one should know what kind of steroid to use for which cycle as using the wrong drug may prove to be counter-productive.

Stages of a Bodybuilder

In the case of body building, there are certain stages or cycles with which they prepare themselves for competition. These are the Bulking, Cutting and Performance phases. During the initial phase of bulking, adding more and more muscle is the objective. To this effect, consuming protein rich diet is a must with other nutritional diets. A good dose of bulking steroids like Anadrol, Dianabol, Trenbolone and DecaDurabolin are found to do the job. During this phase, water retention is inevitable due to the steroids and muscle lack the shapely look. Cutting phase involves working in a gym for long hours. To accelerate the process, one can add steroid use during this cycle and one of the best performers is Stanozolol whose commercial name is Winstrol. The last phase involves adding more strength to work out more in the gym. Lots of people can gain this knowledge about steroid use from other users or from visiting sites like which provide a good deal of information about steroids and their uses.

Stanozolol Effects

People would like to believe that steroids alone can produce a lot of results but this cannot be far from the truth. In reality, they can only aid or accelerate a certain process but the main component still remains the actual physical workouts. Just consuming steroids won’t produce any result. Stanozolol is mainly used in the cutting cycle. The effect of the drug in the body is producing dihydrotestosterone in the blood stream. This being an anabolic androgenic steroid, it has more anabolic effect on the body than that of androgenic effects. Also, this acts on the fatty or adipose tissues and metabolizes them into useful energy. The net result for the user is more strength and less inflammation.

Drug Safety

Like other steroids, Stanozolol too exerts some side effects. It is imperative that the user visits sites like to understand what they are. The drug is available in oral form and hence consumed as tablets. This results in large toxicity on the liver. However, this could be limited by limiting the use during the cutting cycle. Unlike other steroids, both men and women can use this steroid. It does not produce a lot of androgenic or estrogenic effects on the user. Due to this simple reason, this is one of the choice steroids during cutting cycles.