A good hair day is all one wants!

Any type of hair that keeps you away from becoming bald is a blessing. You have to take care of your health if you want to have good hair day every day. Health issues have a heavy effect on ones hair. A person might face hair loss, thinning of one’s hair, grey hair growth, dandruff and many more. The hair of a woman adds to her inner as well as outer beauty. Some women like to keep their hair long and some short. Same goes for the men. Hair enhances the look, the personality, the confidence and the beauty of a person. There are different types of hair serums, hair creams, hair shampoos and conditioners to protect one’s hair. The best way to care for ones hair is the natural way. Avoiding the artificial way is always good for one’s well being. Now a days, candidates at office have to pass through a hair follicle drug test before joining the job. May be this is done to check if the particular candidate is a drug addict or not. Therefore it is necessary to know How to pass a hair follicle drug test in case one desires to get selected for that particular job.

The following are some ways of How to pass a hair follicle drug test easily:

Aloe Rid detox shampoo- Most detox hair shampoos do not provide the desired result. They mostly fail to give the best results. The reason for their failure is that the shampoo does not reach to the utmost point of the hair follicle and does not have any effect on the hair. But this particular shampoo actually works. The older version of this shampoo is the best but it is rarely available. This older version gets into the hair follicles and cleans the hair toxins.

The occasional Loophole smoker- In the hair follicle test, the test is generally done to find if someone is into prolonged drug usage or a chain smoker or a regular alcoholic. Therefore if someone smokes once in every 3 months, then that person is most likely to pass this test. But if someone smokes or takes in drug too much in one day then the test will fail.

Total Detox friend- Some people believe that it is useful. But mostly it is advised by the experts to avoid using that since it does not work.

Shaving off the hair- Shaving off your hair from the entire body is also a good option. If one does not have any issue in removing the hairs from their body then it is a useful option since the hair takes some time to grow and if the test is done within 5-7 days after shaving then one will pass the test without any trouble.

It is always good to avoid intoxication in any form whether be it for a person’s health or hair.